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Strategy and Management

Educated in the arts since childhood, she enjoys working in environments that promote creativity and inclusion and reflects the balance between rational management and artistic sensitivity. He specializes in strategic management, applying his studies to art, cultural production, management of artistic collections and legacies, road-management, international business, conservation, research, art history and literature. She has completed a full-time Master's Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Markets at the Universidad Católica Argentina, after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Hotel and Gastronomic Business Administration (University of San Martín), an activity that has allowed her to develop a strong orientation in service, gain experience in the field of entertainment, hospitality and the luxury industry, opening up to international experiences thanks to years of working in diverse and multifunctional teams in the country and abroad. In his first years of training, he has obtained diplomas in Congress and Convention Organization, Ceremonial and Protocol, Tourist Geography, Maintenance and Security, Public Relations and Business Ceremonial, Bartending, Food and Beverage Management, and Human Resources.

In addition to his profound artistic training from the heart of his home, he has trained in Art History at the Friends of the National Museum of Fine Arts Association, and has taken numerous specialization courses, including those on Restoration and Conservation of Works of Art ( Pallarols Museum), reinforcing its conservationist spirit of natural and environmental resources, and social and cultural heritage. In 2012 he joined the Sotheby's International Realty team led by Adriana Massa, being responsible for international accounts and client relocation worldwide, and carrying out liaison tasks with the Sotheby's auction houses in Paris, London, and New York. During 2014 he carried out different gastronomic experiences related to French gastronomy and culture, learning from renowned specialists such as Gilles Brun, Antonio Soriano, Bruno Gillot, Olivier Hanocq, Jean-Baptiste Pillou, Valentina Avecilla, Sébastien Fouillade and Antoine Dumazer. In 2015, it was selected by public and open competition for the National Directorate of Museums, and ZINK began to imagine creative industries. Proactive, positive, dynamic and participatory, she created the company in 2017, with the mission of generating new opportunities for artists and artisans, accompanying them in their training and career, and opening new doors, learning spaces, collaboration and exhibition, through modern methods. international and new technologies, oriented to accompany the current and future occupational mutation in a creative way, with the vision of preserving, sharing and disseminating art and culture as daily activities. In 2018, he was part of the Board of Directors of the Association of Friends of the Enrique Larreta Museum of Spanish Art. Curious and imaginative, she enjoys continuous learning. Explore. Travel to enrich and grow through knowledge of diverse cultures. In 2016 and 2020, participate in the Museum Connections event in Paris, France.

He has been in charge of the planning, general production and curation of numerous exhibitions, applying his knowledge in the general design of multidisciplinary and multisensory exhibitions, with the participation of international artists and development of content for new technologies. Among the most common tasks has been the creation and development of exhibitions; General production; sponsor development and financing management; general visual design and art direction; convocation of international artists; collaboration with large museums, embassies and public institutions and private collections. He has also been in charge of sponsor development and fund management; patronage; artistic direction and development of curatorial content and texts; staging; coordination of multidisciplinary teams; management of national and international sponsors; press, diffusion, social networks; development of programs for youth and school groups; selection and enhancement of objects, printed material, and historical costumes belonging to heritage collections; visual identity design and development of printed material; enhancement of textiles; team work cordination; organization of inaugural events; social media. In the field of heritage restoration, he has carried out technical management tasks; team work cordination; schedules; general expertise and conservation recommendations; process analysis; development of action protocols; work and materials budgets; restoration and general conservation tasks; and analysis of security measures.
In the entertainment industry, in which she has worked for more than two decades, she has served as a team leader in corporate, private and charity events, backstage, costume department and production, for numerous companies such as The Walt Disney Company, Coca-Cola. Cola, Renault, Conrad, Make-A-Wish, Llao-Llao, Sheraton, St. Andrews Scots School, IBM, Mercedes Benz, SANCOR, Patio Bullrich, AEDIN, Disney Channel, etc., managing complex multidisciplinary spreadsheets; designing costumes and supervising workshops; performing management tasks, stock control, storage, transportation of merchandise and delicate objects; as well as developing direct relationships with clients and various audiences. He is currently expanding his studies in Design, and also in Cultural Heritage at Harvard, MoMA and CalArts. It develops cultural production and management tasks, management of collections and artistic legacies, road-management, and heritage restoration and conservation commissions. In her free time, she dedicates herself to research, narrative, and collecting books, graphic works, epistles, painting, and collection management, a product of being a fervent heritage recoverer.

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