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The greatest pirate adventure of all time.

The Mysterious Lady is the most fantastic pirate adventure, set in the 18th century and packed with complex characters and intrigue, topped off with an almost magical twist, and the first of the books in the surprising Alseker saga.

The debut of JCCP Tanko accompanied by the extraordinary illustrations of Jorman Gutiérrez , this exciting book will have a lot to talk about. Read it first and join the adventure!


"The book was very fun and interesting. It's hard to put down and keeps you eager to know more at the end. The story may seem like it's about pirates, but it actually has many different aspects that make it easy to relate to as well."

"A captivating read that left me wanting more. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good pirate novel!"

"Me encanta este libro. La historia es divertida y los personajes memorables, bellamente ilustrado".

"This is definitely a great read, with very well drawn characters."

"Fantastic pirate adventure! I will recommend it to my friends."

"The author has created a pirate world where every adventurer would want to immerse themselves, loaded with complex and believable characters and a good story. I enjoyed until the last page."

"The prose is relaxed, the characters are vibrant and intriguing, and the adventures are inventive."

"It captivated me from the first pages, it is a very creative story, with magnificent illustrations. It brings back the desire to read a book from beginning to end."

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ZINK ALSEKER Jorman Gutiérrez
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