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ZINK Salon Privé SCI-ART Encina Magallanes.png

Encina Magallanes: SCI-ART

Curator: Cristina Santa Cruz

ZINK Salon Privé®, Buenos Aires, Argentina

From July 2 to 24, 2022

Opening: July 2, 2022

Exhibition by appointment

SCI-ART immerses us in a wonderful journey through time where we can enjoy a collection of paleontological visual representations around reconstructions of dinosaurs along with other insects and animals that come to life thanks to the imagination of the artist Gustavo Encina Magallanes. This exhibition is dedicated to the intimate bond that unites art and science and its STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) connections, along with its creative searches and activities, which inspire the artist to develop his plastic language through through an eternal universe, free from the limits of time and space, discovering fascinating and unpublished original images. ​ Encina Magallanes writes: "For thousands of years, humans have traveled the planet in search of adventures and discoveries. Their passion for the unknown made them explore caves, forests and oceans. Trying to leave a record of their discoveries, our ancestors drew what they "They saw on living rock, leather or paper. They were without a doubt the first artists of humanity." ​ In the SCI–ART exhibition at ZINK Salon Privé®, more than twenty works are presented in dry and mixed media on paper, which arise from a selection of works belonging to the artist's constantly evolving collection. With almost two decades of working alongside scientific advisors, this multifaceted artist achieves the unimaginable: bringing to life fascinating creatures that appear to move and even breathe on the surface of paper. We invite you to take a journey without age limits, guided by science, art and imagination, in this extraordinary exhibition that will inspire you to create, discover and build your own collection.

ZINK Salon Privé® is a current, original and exclusive traveling experience, through which the public can connect with the artist and enjoy his collections, through direct dialogue and the warm human touch. To ensure space availability, and that a curator and/or the artist can be there to welcome you, we encourage making a reservation in advance. Appointments are available Friday through Monday. ​ ​

Special visits for members of the diplomatic corps available in several languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, Portuguese).

A fully illustrated bilingual catalog edited by Cristina Santa Cruz will accompany the exhibition. ​ ​

Press:  For press inquiries, please contact Cristina Santa Cruz at +54 9 11 5844 7838  or

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About the artist and his work

Encina Magallanes was born at the end of the world, where the oceans touch and giants once populated the earth. His first steps in art were taken at the Beethoven Conservatory (Buenos Aires), surrounded by paintings, music and classical dances. When he reached adolescence, his house was overflowing with his paintings and sculptures, but to the surprise of his own and others, he decided to take a new direction by directing his studies towards technical education. In this field, his passion for the stars and the mystery of life expanded his vision of the world. Meanwhile, the works of Sagan, Jung, Bécquer and Da Vinci changed their roadmap forever.

Over the years he knew how to fuse art, science and spirituality, a perfect trinity to understand the multiple realities that surround us. Travel the world by land, sea and air, discovering wonderful places surrounded by unique charm and mystery. Today, Encina Magallanes is a multifaceted artist who masters multiple languages and artistic expressions and who dazzles us with his own palette, vibrant and full of symbolism. For more than a decade he has worked within the scientific and dissemination portfolio, creating illustrations and content for various public, mixed and private projects born in various parts of the globe. In 2020 he joined the ZINK creative industries team, an environment in which today he holds his first individual exhibition as an artist. His works are distributed on several continents, in private and official collections.


Encina Magallanes has worried and excited us with his adventures and stories for more than twenty years, surprising the world of art and science alike, cultivating us with his skill and power of visual projection. With each new work he immerses us in an unknown and at the same time fantastic world.

“An artist committed to exhibiting the threatening human intervention in nature. "In searching and rescuing extinct species from anonymity from the cryptic science books that only those people who study them read."

Dr. Adrian Giacchino

President of the Azara Foundation / President of the Felipe Fiorellino Scientific Foundation / Rector of the Maimónides University

“Art and the natural sciences, particularly paleontology, have been historical allies. For centuries, the artists in charge of this have been determined to mix both worlds, with the aim of bringing the organisms of the past closer to common people. However, it is not a simple task, because in this case they are not only artistic reconstructions, but must be based on scientific knowledge.

The case of Gustavo Encina Magallanes is remarkable, since this artist/naturalist has one foot in each world and thanks to that he achieves through his strokes what the hard science of academia sometimes fails to achieve: captivate the imagination of the unsuspecting observer. through the distant past of the earth.”

Dr. Federico L. Agnolín

Researcher, CONICET, Laboratory of Comparative Anatomy and Evolution of Vertebrates (LACEV)

“I used to run after time, until I realized I could paint it.”

Holm Magellan

(South latitude 34° 36' and West longitude 58° 26')

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